Dota 2 TI swag bag cannot be claimed due to ‘unknown error 7’

Dota 2 TI swag bag cannot be claimed due to 'unknown error 7'


The Dota 2 TI swag bag has been rendered unclaimable by a frustrating “unknown error 7” bug, leaving fans of Valve’s MOBA out in the cold.

To celebrate one of the biggest esports events in the world, Valve is giving players a free The International swag bag with free Arcana (yes, seriously), a TI-themed battle pass and a one-month subscription to premium service, Dota Plus .

But when trying to claim it, players have been hit with a myriad of errors, the most common of which is ‘unknown error 7’, which pops up when trying to claim the free goodies.

The Steam discussion forum is now largely dominated by angry players asking for their prizes. “Claim failed unknown error 7 is the funniest s**t ever,” writes one. “Valve blunders through the worst battle pass in Dota history and then to make it up to the players, they give us a goodie bag full of great stuff. And then it doesn’t work.”

Another simply writes “claim failed (unknown error 7)”, while the last comment reads: “looks like a lot of people have been affected by this. Please fix it.” A look at the forums also shows a slew of comments in Cyrillic mentioning Error 7, and other players claiming to get several errors when claiming (four and six seem to be relatively common too).

Considering how good this swag bag is (free Arcanas!?), it goes without saying that people want these rewards – a Reddit post shows a huge global match queue as a result of the giveaway. For many, it’s been another disappointing show from Valve, especially since TI11 hasn’t quite lived up to many fans’ expectations. Hopefully it will be fixed relatively soon, but I suggest trying to claim again today in case the download servers were just too hectic yesterday.

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