Details on the talent meeting ahead of the AEW Grand Slam



Recent backstage events at All Elite Wrestling have helped generate more interest in the company ahead of their second annual AEW Grand Slam special episode of AEW Dynamite at Arthur Ashe Stadium tonight.

AEW has held three total backstage meetings regarding recent backstage morale, the first being put forward by the company’s executive vice presidents prior to his suspension from the company, with Kenny Omega reportedly considered the ‘stiffest’ on the roster.

AEW then held another meeting after the AEW All Out Media scandal, which was more well received than the previous meeting put forward by Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley and Brian Danielson.

Completing its trilogy, AEW held its third talent meeting ahead of tonight’s huge show. Per fighter selection (subscription required)It is not yet known who spoke at the meeting, but attendees that Fightful spoke to claimed it was ‘very positive’ and effectively acted as an encouraging talk before a big show. did. The talent meetings AEW has held since All Out have received a generally good response from those who spoke to Fightful.

A long-serving AEW talent said the past three weeks felt ‘more relaxed’ than the weeks leading up to All Out, with another veteran claiming the locker room was the best of the past three weeks. Used to be. some time.

An AEW name who spoke to Fightful used the term ‘addition by subtraction’, but did not specify what they were referring to specifically in that regard.

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