Desert Pebble Arch Cave Aquarium Fish Tank Catfish Hideaway Turtle Rest 26cm

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The Desert Pebble Arch Cave Aquarium Fish Tank provides a suitable hideaway for catfish and a resting place for turtles in your aquatic world. The 26cm tank features a beautifully crafted arch cave design, made from realistic-looking pebbles that give a natural desert-like look to your tank. The spacious cave provides a comfortable shelter for your catfish to relax and hide while keeping a watchful eye on their surroundings. Turtles can also use the arch as a basking spot to rest and regenerate under the warm glow of a light. This aquarium is perfect for people looking to create a realistic desert-like feel in their aquatic landscape while ensuring the comfort of their aquatic pets.

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This colourful pebble stack is an ideal hideaway for small catfish, crabs and shrimp
Made from poly-resin, non-toxic suitable for use in the home freshwater aquarium
Orange/brown pebbles inspired by the desert with algae detail.
Ideal for Turtles to perch on! Smoother finish than many other caves.
Overall Dimensions: L 26 cm x D 15 cm x H 10 cm
Opening (inner measurements) H 4.5 cm x L 8 cm – these are approximate. Hollow base – perfect for catfish.



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