Cozii Aquarium Test Strips, 7 in 1 Fish Tank Water Testing Kit, 100 Freshwater Salt Water Test Strips, Used to Test PH, Nitrite, Nitrate, Chlorate, Carbonate and Hardness of Pond Fish Tank (7 in 1)

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The Cozii Aquarium Test Strips are a must-have for any fish tank owner, whether you have a freshwater or saltwater setup. With 100 test strips included, this 7 in 1 testing kit allows you to accurately measure the pH levels, nitrite, nitrate, chlorate, carbonate, and hardness of your pond or fish tank water. This is important to ensure that the water quality is at optimal levels, which is vital to the health and well-being of your aquatic pets. The Cozii Aquarium Test Strips offer a quick and convenient way to monitor the water quality, allowing you to make any necessary adjustments to the tank environment. Overall, this product offers peace of mind and helps you maintain a healthy and thriving fish tank.

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6.26.2 Specification:

Package included: 100 PCS test strips.Test time: 15~ 60 seconds.Shelf life: 2 years. Warm Notices: Keep wet fingers out of the bottle. Avoid touching or polluting the test area of strip. Close cap tightly after removing strips. For best results read in natural daylight. Store in a cool dry place.

Aquarium test strips 7 in 1 is the optimum test kit

A test strip can detect 7 important elements.

The fish tank aquarium test paper can let your fish live in a healthy and happy environment.

Nitrate: NO₃ in concentrations above 50 mg/L is harmful to sensitive fish and promotes algae growth. Too much algae can impair the growth of young fish. Nitrite: NO₂ in concentrations above 1 mg/l and over time harmful to your fish and could lead to the loss of your fish over time. Free Chlorine: Chlorine can be present in tap water. It is harmful to the fish and damages their gills and skin. General Hardness: GH Favorable hardness values ​​are not too high or too low. Total Alkalinity: 40-120 mg/l means OK. PH: A pH between 6.5 and 8.5 is tolerated by most freshwater fish species. Carbonate: The ideal carbonate range is between 120-180 mg/l.


【Wide Range of Applications】The test strip sets are widely used in fish tanks, ponds, shrimp tanks and other aquariums. It is a good helper for quickly and accurately detecting water quality. Research shows that your aquarium should be tested at least twice a week to verify water quality and prevent fish loss.
【High-quality Material】The aquarium test strips are made of high-quality fiber paper and non-bleeding plastic pad. After research and design by experienced experts, the test paper will not bleed, and the results can be obtained quickly and accurately.
【Easy to Use & Read】 Immerse the aquarium test paper in the water and take it out after 2 seconds. Place it horizontally for 60 seconds and compare with the color chart on the bottle. It is necessary to complete the reading within 30 seconds to obtain accurate water quality results.
【Sealed Package】100 water quality test strips are contained in a closed bottle, which can perform 100 tests on your aquarium. After each test strip is taken, the bottle cap should be tightened in time to prevent the test strip from being contaminated by water.



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