COMPANY OF ANIMALS Training Dumbbell for Dogs, Size Large, Best Dog Training Equipment, Retrieval Dog Toy, Floats, Highly Visible, GunDog & Puppy Training, Available in Small, Medium and Large

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The Company of Animals Training Dumbbell for Dogs is the perfect tool for training your pup or gun dog! This highly visible retrieval dog toy is available in small, medium and large sizes and is the best dog training equipment for your pup. It is designed to float, making it ideal for water retrieval, and features a durable rubber construction that is built to last. With the Company of Animals Training Dumbbell for Dogs, you can be sure that your pup will have the best training experience possible!

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From the manufacturer

CoA TrainingCoA Training

Company of Animals Training

Company of Animals have been creating and designing innovative dog products for over 40 years. Our knowledge and experience can be seen in the incredible designs of our easy walking and training products.

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CoA LogoCoA Logo

The Company of Animals Training range includes:

Whistles Clickers Target Sticks Dumbbells Dummys Treat Bags

Company of Animals Training

The Professionals Choice

What is the Company of Animals (CoA) Training Range?

Designed to suit dogs and puppies alike, Company of Animals presents a comprehensive range of training aids for both beginners or the experienced professional dog trainer.

Our 40 years of experience in dog training really shines through in the CoA Training Range.

Why choose the CoA Training Range?

The CoA Training Range has the essentials for the modern day dog owner, developed, tried and tested at the Pet Centre of Dr Roger Mugford.

The CoA Training range

Dog WhistleDog Whistle

High Frequency Dog WhistleHigh Frequency Dog Whistle

Professional Dog WhistleProfessional Dog Whistle

Two Tone Dog WhistleTwo Tone Dog Whistle

CoA Dog Whistle

A good all-round whistle for both the pet dog owner and professional trainer. Made from tough steel yet a lightweight design, providing a clear tone.

– Lightweight

– Strong, clear sound

– Ergonomic design

CoA High Frequency Whistle

This lightweight and compact whistle is ideal for dog training, both indoors and out. The High Frequency Whistle is particularly appropriate for noise-sensitive breeds such as Border Collies.

– Lightweight

– Compact

– Adjustable pitch

It should be noted that this whistle is just audible to the human ear, essential for gauging its efficiency.

CoA Professional Whistle

The professional’s choice! A comfortable ergonomic design producing a loud, clear whistle. Engineered in steel with lanyard and protective cover.

– Tough steel construction

– Steel lanyard

– Adjustable pitch

– Protective cover

Note: the protective cover must be removed before use.

CoA Two Tone Whistle

If you want to be able to control two different dogs or train multiple whistle commands, the Company of Animals Two Tone Whistle is the perfect solution. It’s a traditional style whistle that’s able to deliver two different sounds.

– Lightweight

– Cord lanyard

– Two pitches



Target StickTarget Stick

Dog Purple Treat BagDog Purple Treat Bag

CoA Multi-Clicker

Unlike other clickers, the Multi-Clicker has a patented volume/tone control enabling you to clicker train even sound-sensitive dogs.

– Ideal for puppy training

– Raised thump-piece for easy use

– Tone control for sound-sensitive dogs

– Elasticated wrist strap

CoA Whizzclick

This patented training aid combines two of the most popular dog training tools; a clicker and a whistle, making it a unique but essential training product.

Using a clicker is a great way to train, and now it’s combined with a whistle so that distance commands such as ‘sit’ can be taught far more easily. It’s also a practical combination for improving recalls.

– Loud clear whistle

– Good strong click

– Elasticated wrist strap

– Comprehensive training guide

CoA Target Stick

The telescopic Target Stick is a must have accessory for clicker training.

– 15cm when retracted

– Extends to 70cm

– User guide included

– Prominent 2.5cm foam ball

CoA Treat Bags

A must have for the fashion-conscious trainer!

– Wide opening allows easy access

– Drawstring closure

– Zipped compartment

– Available in Black, Purple and Red

The deluxe CoA Pro Treat Bag has been designed with the dog trainer in mind.

– Abundance of space and attachments for training accessories

– Magnetic and drawstring closure

– Secure ‘zipped’ pocket on reverse for valuables

Dog Training DumbbellDog Training Dumbbell

Dog Canvas Training DummyDog Canvas Training Dummy

Dog Canvas RetrieverDog Canvas Retriever

CoA Training Dumbbell

Dumbbells are the ideal tool to teach retrieval training.

– Floats in water

– Highly visible

– Safe if chewed

Sizes: S,M,L

CoA Canvas Training Dummy

The Training Dummy is the classic product for retrieval training.

– Used by professional gundog trainers

– Highly visible

– Floats in water

Sizes: S,M,L

CoA Retriever

The Retriever is a clever retrieval training device because the dog has to return it to his owner so that he can be rewarded with a treat inside the zipped compartment.

– A must-have for recall training

– Rope for easy throwing

– Zipped treat compartment

– Tough canvas covered plastic tube

FLOATS : The Training Dumbbell is very buoyant and floats in water, making it easy to see and retrieve
HIGHLY VISIBLE : Made of a brightly coloured material the Company of Animals dog and puppy training dumbbell is easy to spot in the field or the park
PERFECT for EVERYDAY PLAY: Great to use for all dog and puppy training, exercise and play
Super-tough and durable. Size Large (Length 19 cm)



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