College football news picks the Iowa-Nebraska game


With an eighth straight victory over Nebraska, Iowa secures a return trip to Indianapolis.

Iowa (7-4, 5-3 Big Ten) head football coach Kirk Ferentz shared his thoughts on the Huskers earlier this week.

“Our opponents were very impressive when you look at the changes they made to the program. They’ve had some injuries, quarterbacks in and out. Just keep playing and competing and do really well. The list upgraded. They transferred a lot of guys, a lot of guys who are dangerous, productive players.

“But the most important thing is that they have continued to compete. All you have to do is look back at last week, they had a 14-3 lead over Wisconsin, which they ended up having to work really hard to get out of. fell. We know first hand how hard it is to beat Wisconsin. It’s never been easier. They play well. They play tough. We expect a tough, tough ball game here on Friday, to say no need,” said Ferentz.

Of course, Nebraska interim head coach Mickey Joseph had similar lofty things to say about the Hawkeyes, and he also understands what this Heroes Trophy game means for both of them.

“Yes, we talked about it. I know it’s a competitive game so I know they’ll be ready. They’re ready and they’re going to come out and play this game with full force. “Will play,” Joseph said.

What about some national votes? Pete Futak of College Football News shares some of his thoughts on this episode in the rivalry between the Hawkeyes and Huskers.

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why Nebraska will win

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Why does Futaka think the Huskers are winning?

It may have had trouble catching it against Michigan, but it gave Minnesota a tough game last week and Wisconsin in big trouble. All the losses were there – the Huskers have lost five in a row – but better defense still leaves a lot to be desired.

He allowed less than 370 yards in three of the last four games, and now he has an Iowa offense desperately needing help from the defense to help with field position and possibly come up with some scores. .

Despite all the problems with the Huskers, they have not turned over the ball in either of the last two games and only once in the last three. – Futc, College Football News.

why iowa will win


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Why does Futaka think Hawkeye is winning?

Nebraska’s attack has stalled.

It was great against mediocre defenses this year, but Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin – they all filled out the Huskers while allowing less than 270 yards in each of the four.

The running game, which has struggled all year, has come to a complete halt, the passing offense can’t reach 200 yards, and Iowa’s defense isn’t healthy to be against.

The Hawkeyes have won four straight and cleared the ball 13 times in their last six games. – Futc, College Football News.

What’s going to happen


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As Fiutak points out, it’s a win and a get for Iowa. What’s going to happen?

Iowa’s defense will give way to the run, a few field goals will be enough to set the first tone, and then it’s time to prepare for Michigan-Ohio State’s winner. – Futc, College Football News.

To score

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Fiutak likes Iowa to keep the Heroes trophy.

The last: Iowa 26, Nebraska 13.

Offensive, defensive approach for the Huskers

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