cryptocurrency from Hilbert Group launches NFT-Heatmap in partnership with leading NFT marketplace Rarible. market screener


Niklas Sandström, CEO of Hilbert Group, said: “ is the first website to offer simple NFT navigation via heatmap. NFTs represent the future of IP rights management, the transfer of those rights and royalties related to IP ownership. – Be it art, music or literature, etc. Despite the extremely current bear market, where many tokens have dropped in price by 90% or more, the NFT market cap is currently over $10 billion and will continue to grow in the near future continue to grow decade. Strong growth is expected.

“The NFT heatmap embodies the spirit of, which is cryptovisualized,” said Gijs Berger, COO of Hilbert Group, which manages Coin360 and its portfolio. He continues, “ is the perfect place for newbies looking to dive into the world of NFTs, as well as veterans who want to stay on top of the market.” Gijs commented on the position of NFTs in the broader crypto ecosystem: “The NFT segment has established itself as one of the most important components in the crypto ecosystem and we believe many people will find the new heatmap helpful in navigating through that section.” really helpful.”

The NFT heatmap can be found here:

A short video showing the functionality of NFT Heatmap can be found here:
Coin360 Rare NFT Heatmap

About COIN360 (
COIN360 is a live data aggregator for cryptocurrency and crypto exchange. COIN360 provides vital market data in a visually appealing way. Whether you are a professional or novice trader, media outlet, or just crypto enthusiast, COIN360 offers a comprehensive set of tools to keep up with the latest cryptocurrency market movements.

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about rare (
Rarible is a maker-focused NFT marketplace and publishing platform that allows users to create and sell digital collectibles secured by blockchain. Rare currently offers a supply of over 300,000 NFTs with an ownership base of 220,000 lots.

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Niklas Sandstrom, Hilbert Group CEO
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