Claudio Castagnoli Thought Nicolas WrestleMania 34 Title Change Was ‘Really Cool’



Claudio Castagnoli shares his honest thoughts on The Bar’s loss to Braun Strowman and Nichols in the Raw Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania 34.

In the final match of the April 2018 event, Castagnoli and Sheamus relinquished their Raw Tag Team Championships to Braun Strowman and Nichols, a 10-year-old fan Strowman picked from the crowd. The duo gave up the gold on the next episode of WWE Raw due to a ‘scheduling conflict’, with Nichols returning to school.

While some fans were entertained by the match and title change, others argued that Angle devalued the title and the WWE Tag-Team Division.

to speak on Chris Van Vliet. insight with, the former “Cesaro” said he thought the segment was fun. Saying that he was proud of that match, Castagnoli said:

“I thought it was really cool. (That’s) what I love about wrestling, isn’t it? All kinds of different matches. The roller coaster ride it takes you. That WrestleMania match like that.” There was a need where it’s just fun. Every show needs fun matches. WrestleMania, everybody’s nervous, everybody’s hyped. There’s WrestleMania.

“Once everything was figured out, that match was a lot of fun. We could just go out there and enjoy it. We had the float, it’s called a thing, right?

“Everyone with big heads is coming out with us. So it was a crazy, terrible entrance. The match was just fun. Like I said before, it’s all about the moments. If you’re a kid, and you’re watching WrestleMania, it could be you, right?

“So it was great to be in that match for that matter and the fact that people talk about it even on that day. Because there were some bangers on that card.

“A lot of people always ask, ‘So Nicholas?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I know right?’ So I am very proud to be a part of that match.”

Castagnoli left WWE after his contract expired in February, before debuting for AEW in June. The Blackpool Combat Club member recently explained why he decided not to sign with WWE again.

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The current ROH World Champion recently wrestled on the September 9 edition of Rampage, defeating Dax Harwood to retain his title.

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