CJWDZ Small Animal Playpen,Portable Small Animal Cage Tent Breathable Pet Playpen Cage Tent Pop-Up Outdoor&Indoor Exercise Fence for Hamster Guinea Pig Rabbit Puppy Hedgehog(Nocover-black)


The CJWDZ Small Animal Playpen is the perfect portable cage tent for your small pets. Whether you own a hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, puppy, or hedgehog, this pet playpen can provide them a safe and comfortable place to exercise, rest, and play. It is made of breathable mesh and lightweight fabric that allows air to circulate and keeps your pets cool and comfortable, while also providing a clear view for you to monitor them. The playpen is pop-up styled and easy to assemble, allowing you to use it either indoor or outdoor, and take it on trips with minimal hassle. This particular variant comes in a versatile black color without a cover, ensuring that your pets are always visible and easy to access. Give your furry little friends their own space to frolic around with the CJWDZ Small Animal Playpen.

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Small Animal Cage

Small Animal Cage,Pet Playpen,Play Tent,Indoor Outdoor Bedding Fence,Portable Pen for Hamster,Guinea Pig,Rabbit,Bunny,Ferret, Rat,Cat,Chinchilla,Bearded Dragon,Hedgehog

Are you worrying about your pets would mess and disturb your house?

Are you worrying about your pets would escape ?

Are you worrying about your pets would catch cold or get sunstroke?

Now You are at right place!

Upgrade pet playpen:We have improved the product .Our bearded dragon hamster cage with half net and half fabric treatment increase the difficulty of their jailbreak, so you can see the pets moving freely. Greatly increases the breathability,and also facilitates you to see these lovely pets at anytime with mesh design

Automatic opening:No need for complex splicing,built in frame pops open in seconds folds back flat when not in use for easy carrying and storing When guinea pig cage is opened under spring pressure,it should be away from children and face

Transparent &breathable:The rodent playpen of little hamster is designed to be Transparent and Breathable Hamster exercise playpen surrounded by nets,you could watch your pets at all times,as well as ensure the ventilation of the playpen and eliminate odors So that small animals have a comfortable and healthy environment in the bunny fence

Two styles for option: In summer days, our Small animal playpen without cover would be a nice choice for your furry friend ,it can bring a cool and full summer But in winter days, you can choose the playpen with cover ,it can keep warm for your pets

No more mess or disturb to your house from pets! let make home look much more tidy and neat!


1.put some food or toys to pet to avoid them chew pet playpen. playpen cage with top cover will be good effective to prevent your kitten or puppy from running out.

3.need monitor your pet when in animal playpen with no cover.




Zipper Cover and Breathable mesh

1.Pet Play pen Tent with anti escape cover and the pet can’t jump out directly

2.Guinea pig cage which is convenient for pets to enter and exit,food and water filling,decorating or cleaning the cage,which increases the safety of pets

3.Breathable mesh design provides maximum protection and ventilation for pets and offer warm in winter days eliminate odor,and enable you to fully interact with your pet

Top without Cover

1.Rabbit playpen surrounded by nets, you could watch your pets at all times,pet playpen can quickly create an interactive area between owners and pets

2.Kids can go into small animal cage to have fun with pets together

3.Portable yard fence can offer a cool feeling for some pets in summer days

Upgrade Style

1.We have improved the product Half net and half fabric treatment increase the difficulty of their jailbreak

2.With this ferrent playpen to bring your pet a good life style! and you can have a great time with your pets!




Waterproof Design

Playpen is made of waterproof and durable polyester fabric with elastic frame inside .We had waterproof test .Solves the problem of small pet urine seeping out to the ground.

But you may put a absordent pad for much pee problem when playing indoor

Washable Style

Hamster toys are metal fittings inside the fence,so hamster playpen is not suitable for machine washing.You need wash bunny toys by hand,and just rinse it off with water and let it dry in the sun

Hanger Design for the Package

Animals playpen is very portable to carry almost like an apple weight, this pet playpen is great for indoors around the house,or outdoors while camping or in the yard .Suitable for indoor,outdoor,travel,camping and so on


Do you want to keep your pet safe when you get it out from the guinea pig playpen?

Do you want to keep your kids safe when they playing with the pet?

Do you want your house keep tidy and neat?

Then why not use CJWDZ playpen for small animals?


1.It has a upgrade design with one half mesh and one half cloth one half mesh sides make it perfect to be able to keep an eye on pets,while another

one half cloth sides can prevent your pets biting holes for escaping out of the cage

2.It’s very easy to set up just by taking it out from the little case and also easy to fold for storage

3.It’s lightweight and a little heavier than an apple, which makes it super portable

4.It has a waterproof bottom So rat toys are very easy to clean after use

5.It takes very little room, but the pets have plenty of space to run around

6.It’s sturdy enough that the pets can’t bite holes and escape

7.It can be also used to hold toys and other stuff

8.Pets in playpen can keep your home looking much more tidy and neat

[EASY TO USE]Easy setup and easy take down, no need for complex splicing, built in frame pops open in seconds, folds back flat when not in use for easy carrying and storing in a small bag
[EASY TO CLEAN] This small animal cage has the waterproof bottom which makes it easy to wipe clean after playing.
[LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE] This pen is light weight and even a little heavier than an apple. So it’s very portable after folded into the little case and can be taken to anywhere very easily.
[PERFECT SIZE] When this small animal fence set up for use, it takes up very little room, but offers a lot of space for pets to run around.



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