Christopher Daniels reflects on in-ring career as it gets ‘near the end’


Wrestling legend and AEW Manager of Talent Relations Christopher Daniels recently took to Twitter share some rare compliments And Reflect on your in-ring career, Daniels listed several companies during his long career including WWE, WCW, AEW, ECW, New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor.

“As I near the end of the in-ring part of my wrestling life, I feel honored and humbled to have had the opportunity to work where I am,” Daniels said. “Thanks to all of you!”

While it remains to be seen when the AEW star will hang up his shoes, he has slowed down his in-ring work in recent years after suffering an eye injury that appeared to last more than a year. Most recently, Daniels wrestled at All Japan Pro Wrestling’s 50th anniversary show and participated in several exhibition matches in Japan as part of AEW’s appearance at the Tokyo Game Show.

Daniels, 52, made his wrestling debut in April 1993 for the Windy City Pro Wrestling promotion in Chicago. After a short time in the development of WWE in the late 1990s and a stint in WCW towards the end of that company’s existence, Daniels would continue to work his way up the independent wrestling ladder, including in the main event of Ring Off. Competition is also included. Honor’s first show in 2002. Daniels would eventually be characterized as “the greatest independent wrestler of all time”.

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