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Chris Jericho gets another world title recording


Last month Chris Jericho was defeated by Jon Moxley in a match for the interim AEW World Championship. Two nights ago, Jericho was knocked out by Bryan Danielson in the ongoing tournament to crown a new AEW World Champion.

Losses of that magnitude might be enough to knock a wrestler out of the world title for a while, but Jericho is a wily veteran who just threw himself into another world title shot.

On tonight’s episode (September 16) of rampage, Jericho interrupted an interview with ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli. The BWE BSEE said he has never won the ROH top prize and that he is looking forward to becoming an eight-time world champion.

Castagnoli is a fighting champion and naturally took the challenge from Jericho quickly.

The match goes down next Wednesday (September 21) in the “Grand Slam” edition of Dynamite in New York City.

Do you think the Demo God has what it takes to win and bring the ROH world title? Dynamite the highest number of viewers of 2022? Let us know your thoughts on this match in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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