CEO Eddie Listorti Announces Vidirios Wins Best Market Innovation Award at 2022 Environmental Finance Voluntary Carbon Awards


Eddie Listori, CEO of Viridios Capital, announced that the company has been named the winner of the Best Market Innovation Award for Environmental Finance’s 2022 Voluntary Carbon Market Awards.

SYDNEY, Australia, Nov. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — CEO Eddie Listorti is proud to announce that Viderios Capital has been named one of the winners of Environmental Finance’s 2022 Voluntary Carbon Market Awards. The company won in the Best Market Innovation category for Vidirios AI.

It also placed second in three other categories: Overall and Best Trading Company, Best Property Developer and Best Advisory/Consultancy.

“It is a real honor that the industry voted for us in multiple categories and strongly confirms that we have an attractive proposition for the carbon market,” said CEO Eddie Listorti. “I am confident that we have demonstrated our ability to provide a full service for the development and implementation of net-zero strategies.”

Eddie Listorti said Viridios Capital and Viridios AI’s priority has been to build a solid foundation so they can deliver the best services. They’ve done this by identifying essential carbon market services, then going out and hiring top talent who can help the companies perform.

Viridios AI is the technology arm of the Viridios Group. As a result, the company adds exceptional value to customers by making analysis and valuation and pricing available to everyone in carbon projects.

One of Viridios Capital’s fundamental beliefs is that carbon is evolving into an important commodity for the future; As Eddie Listori points out, companies are realizing that it is no longer acceptable for them to take a passive approach to climate risk.

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This can be seen with major investment firms, almost all of which are figuring out how to somehow embed carbon in their lending and investment products. Because they have focused their attention on this carbon neutrality in recent years, Viridios is at the forefront.

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“Viridius is well positioned to meet this growing demand,” says Eddie Listorti. “I believe carbon has the potential to become as big as any other hydrocarbon product.”

The Voluntary Carbon Market Awards are held annually to recognize and reward the hard work of voluntary carbon market experts. The awards are also intended to highlight best practices and thought leadership in the world of carbon offsets.

All winners were selected through an online survey. Environment Finance asked leaders to nominate the best active service providers in voluntary carbon markets. They were asked to judge based on credibility and innovation, quality of service provided, impact on the market and speed and efficiency of transactions.

Viridius Capital and CEO Eddie Listorti are proud to be recognized as one of the leading companies in this regard.

About Eddie Listorti

Eddie Listorti is the founder and CEO of Viridios Group. He has a proven track record of over 30 years in business and banking. His experience includes managing teams of over 2,000 people and annual revenues in excess of A$2 billion. Mr. Listorti has held board positions in industry bodies and joint ventures.

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