Catly Cat Calming Spray – Effective Cat Calming Spray: Cat Stress Relief & Cat Anxiety Relief- Ideal Cat Nip Spray With Chamomile – Cat Relaxer Spray, Alternative to Cat Calming Plug-In 100ml

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Catly Cat Calming Spray is a highly effective solution designed to calm and relax cats during stressful situations. With its unique blend of natural ingredients, such as chamomile and catnip, this spray offers cats a safe and gentle way to ease their anxieties and help them feel more relaxed. Whether your cat is struggling with separation anxiety, fear of loud noises or new surroundings, this calming spray offers an ideal solution instead of relying on conventional plug-in devices. Catly Cat Calming Spray comes in a 100ml bottle which makes it easy to administer and suitable for everyday use. So if you are looking for a natural way to help your cat find peace and tranquility, this Cat Relaxer Spray is the perfect alternative to traditional stress medication.

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Catly Cat Calming Spray – Ideal Relaxants & Anxiety Relief for Cats – A Calming Cat & Pet Remedy Spray, Alternative to Calming Cat Diffuser & Calming Cat Food, 100ml
Our calm pet spray for your pet cat is the anxiety solution you need around the house, our pet corrector spray and cat calming drops alternative is a must-have! It’s the ideal solution for calming nerves, a far less noticeable method than cat pheromone diffuser and less messy than cat calming treats. This pet calming spray is made up of catnip, chamomile, vitamin E and sage oils, all of which assist to relax, keep cat calm and soothe your pet buddy! Furthermore, thanks to this pheromone diffuser cats alternative which it acts as a rescue remedy for cats to soothe sensitive skin, allowing your feline buddy to stay a calm cat in stressful situations.
– Natural Spray
– Promotes relaxation
– Reduces anxiety & stress
– Suitable for all surfaces

Vitamin E, Chamomile, Sage and Catnip

Catly was created by animal lovers, designed to improve the health and well-being of cats. Our focus is on creating natural products that cover all the necessities of your feline friend.

CAT STRESS RELIEF SPRAY – Perfect spray that works as an anxiety relief for cats, that eases stress for cats due to an unfamiliar environment or person. An anxiety spray that works as a cat calms for anxiety and stress. This calming spray for pets deposits natural vitamin E, sage and chamomile for cats to feel safe
CAT CALMING DIFFUSER ALTERNATIVE – Our calming spray for cats mimics a cat’s natural pheromones and has anxiety remedies effects in a stressful or unfamiliar situation. This pheromone diffuser alternative plays an important role in communication and social behavior for cats. A great cat calming products addition to your cat kit!
HOW TO USE – To correctly use this Catly cat calming spray first start by shaking the bottle well before use. Spray on rugs, bed, cat collar or cat cage. Use as often as necessary for continued relief. Note: do not spray directly onto your pet
MADE IN GERMANY – All our products are created and tested in Germany. We use only the highest quality ingredients and are completely cruelty-free. We constantly improve the formulas used, in order to create the best possible products



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