cat tree For Indoor Cats 63.8 Inches Pine Board Cat Towers Cat Condo With Rotating Treadmill Cat House And Scratching Posts PC Cradle Stair For Large Cats Play House Fun Activity Relaxing For Cats

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If you’re looking for a great way to keep your indoor cats entertained and relaxed, look no further than the 63.8 Inches Pine Board Cat Towers Cat Condo with Rotating Treadmill Cat House and Scratching Posts PC Cradle Stair for Large Cats Play House Fun Activity Relaxing for Cats. This innovative cat tree is the perfect way to stimulate your cats while providing them with a safe and secure place to play. The rotating treadmill provides hours of exercise and fun, while the scratching posts and PC cradle stair provide a great way to keep your cats claws in check. The play house is a great way to keep your cats entertained and the relaxing environment is perfect for them to take a nap. With this cat tree, your cats will have everything they need to stay happy and healthy.

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Without going out,your cat can also enjoy playing and relaxing on the cat tree.Let your cat sleep in a comfortable cat nest,scratch,crawl,and play on the rope-covered grab bar.In addition,this cat tree also has a rotating treadmill,which allows your cat to exercise in it,which is very practical.
*Material:Hemp rope,pine density board,PC
*Size:70*46*162 cm /27.6*18.1*63.8 in
*Weight:59.5 lbs (27 kg)
Package Contents:
*1 x Cat Tree
◆Warm tips:
*Because of manual measurement,the error is 0.1-0.8cm(0.03-0.3inch),please refer to actual size.
*Place the cat tree on a flat floor against the wall.
*Avoid placing in a humid environment.
*Children are prohibited from climbing and playing on it.
◆Customer Service:
*We offer 100%Money Back or Exchange if the product has any quality issues,you can buy with confidence.
*We offer 24 hours online customer service,please feel free to message us if you have any questions.Thanks for good communication!
*We promises to ship within 24 hours,and the delivery time is 7-20 working days.

★Cat’s Amusement Park:This multi-story cat tree is designed for cats to scratch,climb,sleep and exercise.Cats can grind their claws on the scratching bar,lie in a comfortable cat nest.Be free and have fun.
★Scratching and climbing:The pole of this cat tree is wrapped with twine,and cats can grind their claws on the scratching pole.It can also help the kitten to climb to a higher height.
★Sturdy and safe:This is a cat tree with stable structure.The cat will not tip over when playing,so it is safe and reliable.
★Easy to assemble:All hardware and tools of the cat tree are included.If you have any questions about our cat tower,please feel free to contact us!



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