Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 “does not comment on current events”

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 "does not comment on current events"


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which CoD fans no doubt hope will prove to be one of the best FPS games of 2022, apparently does “no commentary on current events” during the campaign mode, according to developer Infinity Ward. latest Activision shooter October 28 ahead of Warzone 2.

During an interview attended by PCGamesN, Call of Duty narrative director Brian Bloom explained the “ethos” behind the latest CoD which, as noted in our Modern Warfare 2 review, features a stacked mission list ranging from the Middle East to the Mexican border.

“It’s an entertainment adventure,” explains Bloom. “And as far as real people and real places are doing real things, you know, these aren’t based on real events. We don’t comment on current events. We are inspired by events. We want you to feel like when you play the game plays, it happens in the world you live in, and our heroes are here to do things that bring the world back to the way it was, the way we left it, to restore it… and that’s part of the kind of ethos at the Modern Warfare side of the house.

One of Call of Duty’s most infamous moments is featured in the latest Modern Warfare 2 campaign ending. With private military companies, bombing of populated civilian areas and the assassination of a high-profile Iranian general, this year’s CoD offers a range of debatable topics, in a single-player experience that we expect to develop further as Infinity Ward releases more content. Check out our guide to the Modern Warfare 2 raids explained and the Modern Warfare 2 spec ops mode for more information.

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If you’re currently working your way through the campaign, you can give El Sin Nombre walkthrough a try to complete the mission with perfect stealth. Modern Warfare 2’s secure codes also give you a head start, and with the online mode launching on October 28, our guide to the Modern Warfare 2 gunsmith is about to become essential.



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