Brian Danielson commented on being considered the best


Brian Danielson is widely regarded as one of the greatest in-ring performers in the history of professional wrestling for which he has worked, holding nearly every major title in all the promotions. The key word in that statement is “almost,” as Danielson, who has yet to hold the AEW World Championship, lost his first match for the belt against “Hangman” Page.

Although he is currently in the semi-finals of the AEW World Championship tournament with a chance to hold the company’s top title, Danielson doesn’t care about being the top man in AEW and said so during an interview. Sports Illustrated.

“I don’t worry about being the best,” Danielson said. “I try to be the best wrestler I can be, and I try to fulfill the dream that I want to wrestle. It’s a pleasure. I enjoy matches whether I enjoy them, no matter what the moment.” I was in or felt how fun it was to wrestle in front of thousands of people. After a day or two, when I watch the match and take it apart and see where I need to improve—but on the good I did To be proud of too.

“The idea of ​​being the best, it’s very subjective. To me, that’s focusing on the wrong thing. Wrestling is a mirror to improve yourself. It allows you to get better at public speaking, for example.” .William Regal talks about a quarter-turn in a headlock. That little tweak makes the headlock infinitely better. I think I could work exclusively in a 15-minute match using a hammerlock It’s a mental challenge, the way I go deeper with everything. I love being a lifelong learner, and that makes me enjoy it even more.”

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