Braun Breaker’s next title challenger decided on WWE NXT


Braun Brecker joins the commentary booth on episode 9/20 of “NXT 2.0” as JD McDonagh and Tyler Bett go on to battle in the main event to determine their next challenger for the Unified “NXT” Championship.

Although McDonagh prevailed as the new No. 1 contender for the breaker’s title, Ilja Dragunov’s surprise return Declaring his intention to win the top prize in WWE’s developmental show, to face both McDonagh and Breaker. The show went off the air with the three men facing off in the middle of the ring. Brecker indicated that he was ready to defend his title against both men.

While WWE has yet to announce a date for Breaker’s next title defense, it appears that he may defend against both Dragunov and McDonagh in a triple-threat match at the Halloween Havoc Premium Live event on October 22. . The show went off air shortly after this week’s show, WWE’s Instagram posted a backstage clip Where Dragunov called the “NXT” champion and the new No. 1 contender. Dragunov said, “J.D. McDonagh, Bran Brecker… long live the Tsar!”

Dragunov was widely expected to be called “NXT 2.0” as the “NXT UK” brand was put on hiatus last month. The Jar, who defeated Gunther for the “NXT UK” Championship last August, had to relinquish the title in July due to an injury.

Meanwhile, McDonagh was actually forced to drop the “NXT UK” brand after losing the “Loser Leaves NXT UK” match against Dragunov on 12 May. As such, McDonagh and Dragunov already share quite a bit of history. In addition, McDonagh unsuccessfully challenged Breaker for the title “NXT” in a Heatwave special episode on August 16.

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Breaker defeated Bett at the Worlds Collide event on September 4 to unify the “NXT” and “NXT UK” titles.



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