Booker T Believes Current WWE SmackDown Star Is Already a Hall of Famer


Booker T is predicting that “WWE SmackDown” star Sheamus will someday join him to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Speaking onYash RoomPodcast, the six-time world champion praised the Irish-born wrestler as someone who has “always been in my fav five,” noting how his focus makes him stand out within WWE.

“He’s an activist,” Booker said. “He’s not one of those people that [is] Just looking at the top of the guard. He’s a soldier and soldiers usually find their way to the top of the card.”

Booker also highlighted how Sheamus can easily replace wrestling personalities.

“Recently, he’s been able to change his character,” he continued, seeing the latest incarnation of Sheamus as “an Irish pub drinking guy hanging out with his boys. Sometimes when you’re in business.” So you should be able to shift gears for a second.”

While Booker admitted that he was “one of those people who wanted to see the “Celtic Warriors” again,” he still considered Sheamus to be a wrestler who “could really go out there and play those matches with Drew McIntyre.” can with, another big man, [and] Go to the other big guy.”

Booker predicted it was “going to be the year of the heavyweight” and added that he “love to see Sheamus go out there”. [and] perform at this level. And, again, I like what he tried to do by changing his character and also giving me some entertainment for a minute.”

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