Bobby Fish’s shock debut at Impact Wrestling Victory Road

Bobby Fish Makes Shock Debut On IMPACT Wrestling Victory Road



Fans watching the Impact pay-per-view Victory Road were shocked to see a big free agent debut for Impact Wrestling!

Bobby Fish has knocked into the Impact Zone as he appeared on Victory Road.

Jumping on the mic, the fish said:

“Is the weather hot out there? Really I think that might be all the heat that’s been on me lately! Well, if there’s anyone here who doesn’t know, I’m Bobby Fish and it seems to be late.” From now on, I have turned into a lightning rod for controversy.

“Which surprises me because the fact that I’ve never really considered myself a controversial person, I’ve never thought of myself as a problem. I’m a person who does my job well and clearly. After more than 20 years from does, I’m not here for the bulls**t. Was that okay? Can I say it here?

“I mean let’s think about this, Impact can’t fire me: I don’t work here! And that brings me to my next point, even though I don’t work here, I stared at the locker room there.” Because being the guy who isn’t afraid to call someone out for being less than legitimate, that locker room is back full of legitimate dudes.

“Guys that I know will step between those ropes and let it go and it’ll be everything they’ve got and they know what they’re doing and they’re not funk in here.”

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