BITOWAT Dog Toys Chew Toys Snuffle Toys for Puzzle, Dog Toys for Boredom, Snail Interactive Dog Chew Toys Snuffle Toys for Small to Medium Dogs Training and Reduce Boredom (Green)

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The BITOWAT Dog Toys Chew Toys Snuffle Toys for Puzzle are the perfect interactive toys for your furry friend! Not only do they provide a fun and entertaining experience for your pup, but they also serve as a great boredom buster. The Snail Interactive Dog Chew Toys Snuffle Toys are designed for small to medium dogs, providing them with the perfect opportunity to engage in a playful and stimulating activity. With the bright green color, this toy is easy to spot and adds a pop of color to your pup’s playtime. Made from high-quality materials, these chew toys are sturdy and durable, allowing them to withstand even the toughest chewers. Training your dog has never been more fun with the BITOWAT Dog Toys Chew Toys Snuffle Toys for Puzzle.

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Product Description


toy 1toy 1

toy 2toy 2 Note

If your dog is particularly fond of tearing, or is excessive tearing, buy with caution!


✔ The sniffing activity is great for dog development!

✔ Made of soft, skin-friendly flannel, non-toxic and odorless.

✔ Suitable for teeth grinding and favored by dogs!

✔ Can be played at home or outdoors.

✔ Enhance interaction and bring your relationship closer.

Stimulate hunting and foraging skills Help your dog exercise Relieve stress, improve mood Care for dental health Maintain mental health

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One is to coil it into the shape of a snail to increase the difficulty of sniffing, and the other is to unfold it into a stick shape and hide some food in the snail shell, allowing the dog to forage by himself.

Play and Interact

Our toys can be played at home or outdoors, enhancing the interaction between you and your pet dog, and the relationship becomes more intimate.


Our dog bite toys are machine washable, so convenient, we recommend washing them twice a week to keep your dog healthy.

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🐌【High Quality and Easy to Clean】The dog toy is made of soft, skin-friendly flannel, which is machine washable and safe. When cleaning, you only need to put the dog chew toy together with a laundry bag and a little shampoo into the washing machine. We recommend that you wash your dog twice a week to ensure its health.
🐌 【Benefit for Dog’s Health】Sniffing activities are very meaningful to the growth of puppies. 10 minutes snuffing activity ≈ 1 hour running.It not only stimulates their natural instincts for hunting, fetching and foraging, but also helps to provide body exercise, emotional improvement and mental health for your dog
🐌 【Training Dog Foraging Skills and Puzzles】The interactive dog toy can be coiled into the shape of a snail, increasing the difficulty of sniffing. Unfold the toy into a stick shape, with hidden holes for food, and hide some food in the snail shell so that the dog can get food through sniffing and physical exercise
🐌 【Relief Stress and Anxiety】The dog toy is designed like a snail. It is very cute. The interactive dog toy can make a squeaking sound and can attract dogs to play.



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