Biteback Products ‘Sweet Relief’™ Midge Barrier and Skin Support Cream for Horses 250g

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Biteback Products has come up with an innovative product designed to protect horses from pesky midges. Their ‘Sweet Relief’™ Midge Barrier and Skin Support Cream for Horses comes in a generous 250g jar, making it perfect for those with multiple animals or for those who want to prepare for the long summer months. This cream works by forming a barrier between the animal’s skin and the midges, preventing bites and reducing the risk of infections caused by midge-borne diseases. Additionally, the cream contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera, tea tree oil, and lavender oil, which soothe and support the horse’s skin, helping to maintain healthy, irritation-free skin. The Biteback Products ‘Sweet Relief’™ Midge Barrier and Skin Support Cream is a must-have for any horse owner who wants to keep their animals comfortable and protected.

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Product Description

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Biteback ‘Sweet Relief’ Cream is a highly effective cream to help stop your horse itching. This soothing, moisturising, plant-based cream is especially useful for horses who experience an extreme reaction to midge bites. If used prior to the midge season, in very early spring, it can be used preventatively, forming a barrier to midge bites and therefore stopping any rubbing behaviour from starting. The cream contains the active ingredient Benzyl Benzoate, which has the power to break the itching and rubbing cycle, as well as Benzyl Alcohol to soothe the itch.

If your horse has already rubbed itself and has patches of toughened skin, this moisturising cream will soothe, revitalise and encourage new skin/ hair growth.

We also offer a sprayable Sweet Relief lotion but this cream version is more concentrated and is easy to apply by hand, so it’s ideal for mane, top of tail and faces. There’s also a Sweet Relief Silver cream in the range, for helping turn around the condition of skin where extensive rubbing has resulted in abrasions.

Used by horse owners for over 12 years with fantastic feedback.

Biteback Sweet Relief creamBiteback Sweet Relief cream


The strongest product in the Sweet Relief range, this cream will quickly get to work tackling rough, scurfy patches. It also contains moisturisers and skin softeners which help restore and maintain healthy skin and hair.

A 250g pot should last an estimated 2 weeks, and a 500g pot will last 3-4 in peak season.

sweet reliefsweet relief

How to use

Always 24 hour patch test before using a new product

Rub into the affected areas using your fingers or a rubber curry comb. We suggest using daily during ‘midge season’ (usually March – October). Midges swarm and bite at dusk and dawn, so applying in the late afternoon/ early evening application will provide best protection.

A noticeable improvement in the skin’s condition should be seen within a week.

Other products in the Sweet Relief range

Sweet Relief Lotion SpraySweet Relief Lotion Spray

Sweet Relief SilverSweet Relief Silver

Sweet Relief shampoo, itchy horse, organic, naturalSweet Relief shampoo, itchy horse, organic, natural

Sweet Relief Lotion

A sprayable lotion form of Sweet Relief, easy to apply to mane, tail and top line.

Sweet Relief Silver

This very mild cream is ideal for very rubbed and sensitive skin – it supports the skin’s barrier function and encourages natural healing.

Sweet Relief shampoo

Ultra-mild, all-natural shampoo especially designed for animal skin. It thoroughly cleanses but will not irritate, making it ideal for itchy and sensitive skins.

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Choose Biteback Products

A family company based in rural Wiltshire, Biteback provides simple solutions for healthy skin. We use high quality ingredients that work quickly and effectively. We’re transparent about what goes into our products so informed choices can be made. We don’t use unnecessary ingredients such as parabens, preservatives or fragrances. Our products are plant-based, vegan, cruelty-free and are kind to the birds and the bees.

Soothes the itch and prevents scratching/ rubbing behaviour
This cream version of Sweet Relief is concentrated, moisturising and easy to apply by hand
Apply daily to mane, tail and other areas targeted by midges
Hand made in the UK, ingredients include benzyl benzoate



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