BinaryX Releases Concept Art For Worldbuilding MMO Cyberland


[PRESS RELEASE – Singapore, Singapore, 24th November 2022]

BinaryX has confirmed that it is working on a new free-to-play, play-your-own game, Cyberland, an open-world MMO powered by blockchain technology. The team just released a concept video, which gives a first look at the game’s terrain and features.

free to play, play to own

Cyberland marks BinaryX’s official transition away from the play-to-earn model and is their first play-to-own game in the Metaverse. Being a play-to-own game, players have a high degree of freedom in resource production. Players can choose to develop their own property, build their buildings, and farm their products and materials to build their empire. These assets can also be fully traded on the open market.

The team wanted to create a game that was not only visually impressive and fun to play, but also allowed players to create value incrementally, allowing players to feel a greater sense of ownership and stay connected for a longer period of time than the average web3. . Until then, enjoy the game. Play.

story of cyberland

The player’s journey in the game begins in an ancient open world with rich natural resources. The player must explore the vast land to find resources, invent technologies and develop his land to survive and eventually build an empire. The game is similar to traditional 4X strategy games. Players will have the chance to write their own stories and determine their own destiny in the game.

Players will encounter dangerous monsters in the land. The stronger the monsters, the more valuable the resources. Players must avoid the threat of monsters while collecting resources.

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the four countries of cyberland

Cyberland currently consists of four terrains: Snowfield, Plains, Desert, and Swamp. Each type of land has its own unique resources and is guarded by different monsters. The resources are not known to the player at the beginning of the game and it is up to the player to find, mine or hunt their resources. The name of the game is asset ownership, which means that the player gets the land he buys in the form of NFTs.

100% player-driven, off-chain trading economy

The game has an in-game trading marketplace that is completely off-chain. All transactions for in-game resources can be completed within the game with no gas costs. They can also be transferred to on-chain assets and traded on DEXs and CEXs respectively.

The Marketplace is also completely player-driven, which means that players can trade their land on the Marketplace and determine the prices of land and resources by selling the goods their country produces on the Marketplace. The game also mimics a real trading economy in a peer-to-peer marketplace, where the supply and demand of commodities sold in the market directly affect the prices of commodities in the market.

Cyberland will use $BNX as its main home currency. $BNX can be used to purchase in-game land, or as a reward for players participating in leaderboard competitions.

upcoming features

In preparation for the beta, the BinaryX team is working on developing more cool features for the game, including Socialfy features that allow players to create, manage and share monetized content over a shared network while growing their empire. are available and can be uploaded.

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The team is also working on an on-chain wallet for seamless in-game cryptocurrency transactions, as well as designing new playable areas and maps for future DLC releases.

“Cyberland is our effort to make Web3 games bigger and better. The industry has gotten a bad rap for a variety of reasons, but we expect Cyberland to be the first of many great games on the Web3 ecosystem. is working hard so players can try it out and see the potential of new free-to-play, play-your-own games. We thank everyone in our community for their support and we’re here to stay – Chun Sim, Global Head of Business Operations and Development at BinaryX

Watch the concept video here

About BinaryX

BinaryX is the Gamefy platform behind the play-to-earn games CyberDragon and CyberChess, both of which run on the BNB chain.

BinaryX started out as a decentralized derivatives trading system. The team gradually evolved into decentralized video game development and is now transitioning to a GameFi platform offering IGO services to connect Web2 developers to Web3.

As one of the top 10 projects in the BNB chain, BinaryX has a huge community of over 100,000 coin holders and 17,000 monthly active wallets. It is one of the largest Metaverse projects by trading volume on the BNB chain, with a market cap of over $400 million. BinaryX also has a token, $BNX, which has consistently performed strongly despite the bear market.

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