Bianca Belair reveals the goal she still hasn’t accomplished in WWE



Bianca Belair may be the WWE Raw Women’s Champion, but that doesn’t mean she still doesn’t set big goals for herself!

While a wonderful example of excellence, Bianca Belair brings a ton of shine to the WWE Raw Women’s Championship, but she’s looking for more.

Speaking to the In the Click podcast, Belair revealed that his goal in WWE is yet to be accomplished, saying:

“One of my top goals is to eventually defeat and pin all four equestrian women,

“I’ve got three out of four. I’m excited to go up against Bailey again to reinforce the fact that she was one of those horsewomen I pinned.

“Then eventually going after Charlotte Flair, and for her to win last is a big task for me, because when I first came to WWE she was one of the first women I saw. . I think that Many people forget that he is a household genius.

“Her father is Ric Flair, but he is a homegrown talent. So I always saw myself in him. For him to win the last, I feel like I really will be on top of the mountain.”

Since Charlotte Flair previously commented on her desire to go up against Bianca Belair, maybe we’ll finally see this fight flourish through the ages?

Charlotte Flair has not been seen on WWE television since May 8 at WrestleMania Backlash, although she most recently made an appearance on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Peacock series, Broken Skull Sessions.

transcription through Wrestling Inc.

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