‘Being the Elite’ YouTube series announces hiatus


Being elite is on hiatus.

BTE’s Twitter account confirmed on Monday evening that the show would be on hiatus. The long-running show featuring The Young Bucks and other AEW celebrities is usually posted on Monday mornings. However, there was no episode this week.

“No #BeingTheElite this week. at intervals until further notice,” the account written,

The last show to be put on was last week’s episode, which focused on All Out Weekend.

Kenny Omega was involved in a backstage feud with the Young Bucks, CM Punk at All Out and Ace Steel after Punk made negative remarks towards him during a media scandal following the incident. Omega and the Bucks, who won the AEW World Trios titles at All Out, were denied the title the following Wednesday. Punk was also dropped from the AEW World Championship, and everyone involved in the feud was suspended by the company.

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