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The BBjinronjy Bird Toys offer a comprehensive selection of toys for your feathered friend to keep them entertained and thriving in their cage. The Parakeet Toy Chewing Shredding Foraging Toys are perfect for birds that love to chew and shred things. It will keep them occupied for hours on end as they work on getting the treats that are hidden inside. With the Hanging Toy, your bird will have a fun time climbing and swinging around in their cage. The Bird Shredded Paper allows your bird to create their own nest and add a personal touch to their cage, while the Bird Cage Accessories provide an extra bit of flair to their space. The Bird Rope Perch, on the other hand, enhances the comfort of your bird by providing a soft and secure place to perch on. All these toys are compatible with a variety of bird species like Conure, Cockatiel, Budgies, Lovebird, and Parrot. Keep your bird happy and stimulated by picking up some of these fantastic bird toys today!

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If your lovebird loves paper .
If your parakeets like to groom.
If your birds are happily making a mess!
If your parakeet loves picking things like napkins and news paper.
If your parakeets are crazy about crinkle paper!
If your African Grey Parrot likes ripping the paper up.
If your bird enjoys ripping up paper and fighting with toys.
If your parakeets have plucking issues.

BBjinronjy shredding toy is a must have for your birds!! Made of brightly colored crinkly paper, which will keep your Mr. or Mrs. Bird friend entertains themself for hours!

Your little guy will very happy to pull out the strips of paper.Or have hours of play time destroying these ,ripping them to pieces and playing with the stuffing.Or have a lot of fun to pulling the paper to line.Maybe they will even pluck the crimped paper and take it to his nest. It is so adorable.As for these guys who pluck their feathers, these products keep they occupied so he doesn’t have time to pluck.

Within days the activity level , the singing will increase. I would say they are happy.

– Made of the non-toxic materials, it is safe for pet birds.
– Suitable for all small to medium birds.
– Fits most cages.
– You can refill the rattan balls with wood or crinkle paper,or hide treats in them .
– Please don’t mind the paper scraps will fall off.

【Excellent for Foraging】:Chewing and shredding are bird’s natural behavior,which can improve birds’ physical and emotional active.With the pretty colorful toys to chew on,your birds will fall into a good emotion immediately, excellent to play.
【Bird Rope Perch】:BBjinronjy bird rope perch is made of flexible, soft, durable, multi-colored cotton which is very easy to connect to your bird cage.You can design different shape of perches for your lovely bird friends.
【Safe To Play】: BBjinronjy Parrot Cage Shredder toys are made of natural loofah, rattan balls,wood, stuffe with brightly colored crinkly papers which is very safe for your bird friends to chew. Hand-woven bird toys you can hide treats in it which is an excellent selection for your pet friends who have a urge to chew and forage.
【Easy to install】: All bird toys come with a hook can attach to the bird cage easily will provide hours of fun every day.Save space and a good decoration of your bird cage.Nice for small to medium birds,such as small parakeets, cockatiel, conures, macaws, parrots, love birds, Mynah, finches ,pineapple and so on.



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