Backstage news on the latest AEW talent meeting and locker room vibe


AEW held another talent meeting on Wednesday.

struggling Reporting that it was held before the “Grand Slam” special. The good news for those involved in AEW is that the meeting went well. An AEW veteran told Fightful that the backstage situation has calmed down substantially over the past three weeks.

Another AEW genius called the situation “addition by subtraction.” Pratibha did not elaborate on what they were referring to. At this time, there is no word on who spoke during the meeting. The overall feeling is that the latest meeting resonated with the talent and served as a way to fire them before a big show.

Many wondered what the outcome of a backstage scuffle involving CM Punk, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Ace Steel would be. The incident occurred in the aftermath of Punk’s post-All Out media scandal, where he aired his grievances with AEW’s executive vice presidents. Those present knew the situation was quite real and was not part of an act.

It is believed that all those involved in the backstage commotion were suspended. Some who were at the scene but were not physically involved in the fight, such as AEW talent relations team member Pat Buck, have had their suspensions lifted.

AEW has had other talent meetings since that incident. There was also a big talent meeting before the all out fiasco, which reportedly had some mixed reactions internally. It was said that Omega was rude when talking to Pratibha. Another meeting was led by Brian Danielson, Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley before “Dynamite” after All Out.

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