Aoliandatong Small Pet Cage Hammock Bunkbed Sugar Glider Hammock, Guinea Pig Cage Accessories Bedding, Warm Hammock for Parrot ferret Squirrel Hamster Rat Playing Sleeping(S Green)

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The Aoliandatong Small Pet Cage Hammock Bunkbed is an excellent accessory for your furry friend’s cage. It’s perfect for animals like sugar gliders, guinea pigs, parrots, ferrets, squirrels, hamsters, and rats. The hammock comes in a lovely shade of green and is made of high-quality materials that are durable and comfortable for your pet. It provides a warm and cozy place for your animal to sleep and play, keeping them relaxed and happy. The bunk bed design allows for additional levels of activity within the cage, allowing for more exciting and stimulating play. The hammock is easy to install and can be attached to any cage using the included clips. It’s also easy to clean, making it the perfect addition to your pet’s enclosure. Get your Aoliandatong Small Pet Cage Hammock Bunkbed today and give your furry friend the best sleeping and playing experience!

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What’s the housing requirement for small animals?
The cage needs to have a spot for your pet to sleep, a place for his food, water and treat dishes, and some space to play and run around. If your pet is out of its cage during the day to play and exercise, the cage can be smaller to accommodate just a sleeping place, food and water.

Why we need a sleeping hut?
A nestbox or sleeping hut is often appreciated although not always absolutely necessary. Many small animals are nocturnal. That means they like to sleep during the day and run around at night. A hut can help your pet feel more comfortable during the sunlight hours while it is sleeping.

Material: coral fleece + arctic fleece
S Length x Width: 7.87x 7.87 inch(20 x 20 cm)
M Length x Width: 13.39 x 13.39 inch(34 x 34 cm)
Color: green, pink, purple

The package includes:
1* Pet Cage Hammock

MATERIAL: Made of cozy, soft and superb quality material, coral fleece + arctic fleece, it’ll provide a secure and super comfy resting spot for your lovely one, offers unmatch warmth and comfort.
NECESSARITY OF HAMMOCK: Full use of the large space of the cage, hammock is always a great cage accessory to makes the cage more stereoscopic by attaching to the cage with clips.
DOUBLE-LAYER BED: Double layers for the pet shuttling, it’s a good option to meet their nature of addicting running in the tunnel back and forth, to be as a good entertainment stage, which they can either lounge on the top layer or snuggle in the bottom one.
EASY TO USE: Easy and quickly attaches to cage interiors with included 4 metal hooks.



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