Another YouTube star responds to Roman Reigns’ call out

Another YouTube Star Responds To Roman Reigns Call Out



WWE held its latest premium live event last night (November 5) in Saudi Arabia, when the Crown Jewel took place in Riyadh.

In the main event of the show, Roman Reigns defended his undisputed WWE Universal Championship against YouTube star Logan Paul.

Paul’s performance earned him much praise from both fans and within the business, which was only his third wrestling match.

During the match, Roman began talking to Logan while he held him in a headlock, telling the camera that ‘no more YouTubers’ would come into his world.

Roman calls KSI and Mr. Beast, both of whom respond to Reigns’s call out. KSI tweeted the clip with the caption:

Roman wants that smokeable @MrBeast

In the clip, before Logan Paul was out on hold, Rains began naming a third YouTuber.

Roman managed to get out of “Doctor Dis…” before Paul was cutoff, leading many to believe that he was a spoof of YouTuber streamer Dr. He was referring to disrespect.

Responding to KSI’s tweet, Twice himself appeared to agree:

Noticed who he was about to say, but then decided against it.

Reigns defeated Logan Paul in the match, but Logan wrestled half the match with a torn meniscus, MCL, and possible ACL.

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