Andiker Rabbit Water Bottle, 500ML Plastic No Drip Rabbit Dispense Bottle Automatic Hanging Small Animal Water Bottle Cage Bottle with 2 Rolling Balls for Rabbit, Toronto, Cat, Dog (Pink)

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The Andiker Rabbit Water Bottle is an excellent addition to any pet owner’s collection. This 500ML plastic bottle features a no-drip design, making it mess-free and perfect for easy cleaning. The automatic hanging small animal water bottle can be used for rabbits, cats, and dogs, ensuring their hydration needs are met. The bottle also comes equipped with two rolling balls that help keep the water fresh and clean. The pink color adds a touch of playful style to any small animal cage. This high-quality water bottle is highly durable, ensuring it will last a long time even with daily use. Whether you have a rabbit or a four-legged friend, the Andiker Rabbit Water Bottle is an essential accessory for any pet owner.

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Material: Plastic PE
Capacity: 500ml
Package includes: 1 * rabbit bottle
Please note the following:
1. Can drinking water bottles be filled with hot water? -Please note that the temperature of the water should not be too high, otherwise the drinking bottle will be deformed.
2. Will it leak? – No drip. Because it is a negative pressure kettle, please fill it up every time you change the water, so that negative pressure can be formed in the bottle. Do not lose the gasket in the bottle cap, otherwise the bottle mouth will leak and water will leak.
3. How about the material? -Use safe PE material, brand new, odorless, and thick texture.

2.Double ball design-No drip: The faucet is made of stainless steel, double balls, round and good sealing, no dripping. Water can be discharged when lightly licked, and the water flow is smooth, suitable for small pets.
3.How to use it :Please be sure to fill up the water when filling water, do not leave air in it. Then hang it upright on the cage, move the ball a few times, and stop naturally after a few drops of water, so that the inside of the bottle becomes negative pressure. When the rabbit licks, water will come out naturally.
4.Simple and Easy to install: Our rabbit drinking bottles includes 1 steel sling and 1 spring with 2 hooks, 2 ways for you to hang the bottle in the cage. With this bottle, you can improve the way of drinking water for small pets and no worry of spill water on the floor.
5. Large capacity:The small pet water bottle can hold 500ml of water, it’s a good choice for all kinds of small pets, such as chinchillas, rabbits, cats, dogs, puppies. If you go out for work or travel, you don’t have to worry about your pet’s water supply.



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