Ambassador secures financing to meet growing market demand


messengera referral and relationship marketing technology company, today announced funding of $1.4 million in both equity and debt financing from existing independent investors. Sage growth capitalThe new funding will support the company’s plans to become an end-to-end solution for the growing influencer and relationship marketing industry, eventually making Ambassador the de facto marketplace where brands and influencers can connect and do business. can do.

Adoption of impact-driven marketing strategies and marketing solutions shows no signs of slowing down, and according to predetermined, the market size of the producer economy in 2022 is $100BB. The latest announcement from Ambassador’s new capital and debt speaks to the company’s larger mission to transform the way digital customer acquisition is achieved, so that brands can tap into the communities of their happiest customers to drive awareness and business and capitalize on it. taking advantage.

“Today’s funding helps our Ambassador become a bigger part of digital marketers’ arsenal so we can continue to impact every part of customer engagement, from referrals to incentives, influencers to loyalty and ultimately to creating a marketplace where brands and ambassadors are present . can work together,” said Geoff McDonald, CEO of Ambassador. “We are excited to partner with our investors, advisors and Sage Growth Capital to bring this vision to life. Sage’s innate knowledge of the industry, along with their growing portfolio that connects different aspects of the customer lifecycle, makes them an ideal partner.

As one of the first SaaS solutions in its field, Ambassador technology is easy to configure, allowing brands and advocates to strategize, create, execute and refine strategies from a single platform. Which result is a win-win: Brands gain access to customers who have a high conversion rate; Brand ambassadors can earn a substantial income by working with brands; And customers get access to deals and referral promotions they might not otherwise have.

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Investor Statement:
“I have led global affairs at the executive level for over 40 years and have been involved in many deals and many companies. When most new businesses are successful, they focus on revenue and achieving break-even and cash flow positive,” said Archibald Cox. “Ambassador has been focused on that from the start and the first customer acquisition has been market leader. continues to execute its production strategy.”

“We were particularly impressed with Ambassador’s ability to track and attribute client referrals and their behind-the-scenes accounting,” said Molly Otter, Investment Partner at Sage Growth Capital. “The Sage team is excited to partner with the Ambassador team to help them take advantage of the current growth opportunities.”




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