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ALN Foundation has announced the launch of a new AI-powered crypto trading tool. The announcement comes at a time when cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity and more people are looking to invest in digital currencies. With this new tool, the ALN Foundation hopes to give traders an edge in the competitive crypto market.

Designed to help traders make informed decisions, the tool sends direct signals to clients 5 times a day, 7 days a week. By tracking trading charts, market data and mining trends, proprietary AI-based algorithms quickly analyze large data sets to find optimal trading opportunities.

With the release of the Trader NFT, the ALN Foundation aims to bring transparency and efficiency to the crypto trading community.

The new tool, Trader NFT, is designed to help traders stay flexible and make smart decisions without letting emotion get in the way. The trader monitors trading charts, market data and mining trends in real time to generate signals/alerts for NFT traders.

For those looking for advanced crypto trading tools, Trader NFT is the answer. Founded by the ALN Foundation, it provides specialized services to expand the business. With volume change and trend alerts, the customer is always ahead. This tool monitors market analysis for each cryptocurrency listed. Changes in market direction, combined with significant volume activity, trigger hourly signals, which are delivered directly to the user through the web app, the free Telegram channel, or the mobile app.

So whether someone is just starting out in the world of crypto trading or a seasoned pro, Trader NFT is the essential tool.

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The Fear and Greed Index makes it easy to manage a portfolio’s risk by increasing cash allocation when the market is falling and reducing risk when the market is rising. It is an essential tool for any serious investor and it is free to use. Our user-friendly platform also allows users to track profits, losses and portfolio valuations in real time with 24/7 updated data from the major exchanges.

Access to all historical signals is essential for any trader who wants to move forward with confidence. This free service offers trading recommendations, price alerts and much more.

ALN Foundation created an AI-based algorithm to find fast and profitable trading opportunities in the market. The system is powered by proprietary technology that analyzes past data from successful traders’ strategies, as well as learned patterns of current trends, so it can deliver accurate signals/alerts on average five times a day (7 days a week). Subscribers get highly effective bear market protection while growing their asset portfolio during bull markets – all without taking on too much risk!

About the ALN Foundation:

ALN is the trading name of ALN Global Limited. The company is legally registered in the UK with an office in mainland Europe and plans to open an additional 22 to 23 offices in the Middle East and Far East. The platform is characterized by AI-based algorithms that quickly analyze huge and complex data metrics, including past trading charts. It sends instant alerts every week and five times a day. The platform provides its clients with accurate trading signals and auto trading bot service very quickly. Auto trading bot service will help and increase the wealth of the clients in the positive trending market.

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