Allazone 3 PCS Bird Perch Natural Wood Bird Standing Stick Swing Chewing Bird Toys Natural Wood Bird Cage Perch for Parrot Cages Toy for Cockatiels, Parakeets, Finches

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The Allazone 3 PCS Bird Perch is the perfect addition to any birdcage. Made of natural wood, these bird perches provide a comfortable place for your feathered friend to stand or swing. Not only are they functional, but they also double as bird toys! The chewing-friendly material also adds stimulation for your parrots, cockatiels, parakeets, finches, and other birds. Additionally, the natural wood finish blends well within any existing birdcage decoration or interior design. This product is a great way to keep your birds entertained and happy while occupying their time with this safe and eco-friendly toy.

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Price: £21.99
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Bird standing stick keep your pet energized and become a paradise for your pets to climb, chew, and play.

Why you choose Bird Parrot Toys:
1. Habitat for pets: Provide a habitat for the parrot to stand or rest in the cage.
2.Natural taste, made by pet safe materials,totally handmade.
3.Designed to give all types of small and medium birds.

Package includes:
1 x Wooden bifurcation perch stand
2 x No branch bird perch stand

Material: wood
Size: length approx. 25.5cm/ 10inch

Natural wood is not perfect, cracks or tree eyes are unavoidable.
Made from natural wood! This means that the shape, thickness and size of each of our habitats are unique.

Material: bird perches made of natural hard wood, which is natural, environmentally friendly, without any harm, and conforms to the living habits of birds. Size: length approx. 25.5cm/ 10inch, since our perches are natural and hand made, none are the same.
Easy to Install: Each bird stand comes with a metal wing nut and built-in bolts. Just fasten the wood branch perch easily onto the cage with the screw.
Multi-function bird toy: Provide a habitat and entertainment for the parrot, they are designed to let your bird’s feet have rest for your birds. Provides your little bird an ideal elevated place to swing, chew and climb.
Bird perch is suitable for finches, canaries, budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, green cheeked conures etc.



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