Al Snow on how Walmart canceled him ‘Culture was a thing before canceling’

Al Snow on how Walmart canceled him 'Culture was a


In an interview with Steve Fall NBC Sports Bostonwrestling legend and Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) Owner Al Snow recalled the circumstances that led to his Jacques Pacific action figures being banned by Walmart in 1999. “Canceling was one thing before I was canceling,” said a gleeful Snow, who compared the phenomenon to a modern-day social. media story.

“Two women who were, of all things, assistant professors of communications at a Georgia college… walked into Walmart and without any study, no homework, no research, a very wild and totally instinctively concluded that the action figure I had consisted of a Barbie doll head popped off, with ‘HELP ME’ right above it, a head cut off, and then the Atlanta Constitution wrote a letter. And of course, because wrestling was so hot at the time, the Atlanta Constitution printed it without doing any real research itself… and then of course, Walmart saw it, panicked, and then it spread across the country. The toy was banned in every retail outlet in the U.S., which is simply why they sold out very quickly.”

snow action figures What later (2000-05) turned out to be Jacques had either no accessories or an accessory that didn’t match Snow’s gimmick, such as dumbbells or a water bottle. In 2007, Snow’s figure in series 13 of the highly acclaimed Jacques Classic Superstars would come with the blank Styrofoam head he used in ECW and not the Barbie mannequin head.

The irony of the situation is not lost on Snow, who said, “Walmart won’t sell (the figure) because they feel it’s a threat to the community; now granted, you can still go to Walmart, a hunting gun with ammo.” You can buy and a hunting knife to cut your prey but you can’t buy pregnant Barbie or my action figure.”

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