AEW Star’s Wife Said ‘F**k CM Punk’

AEW Star’s Wife Says ‘F**k CM Punk’



Where the stars of AEW may feel compelled to keep things tempered in CM Punk’s drama, apparently one spouse is choosing to keep quiet!

An AEW star has recently found herself in the middle of a minor rampage surrounding CM Punk and the elite drama after weighing in.

Speaking on his podcast, Matt Hardy discussed having been a direct witness to backstage at AEW overall and felt comfortable commenting on his feelings.

While the quotes began to make their way online, Hardy went back to offer an explanation.

Matt Hardy is writing on Twitter:

“My comments from this week’s @matthardypod have been misunderstood.

“I wasn’t all out in 2022. I didn’t say I’ve seen all out incidents.

“I watched the entire process in real time over months and stand by my comment that the elite was not wrong.

It was then that his wife and notorious Rebbie Hardy tweeted Matt’s statement, adding to his comment:

“Were not mine. F**k CM Punk.”

Speculation about whether CM Punk will ever return to AEW is unclear.

Tony Khan recently stated that he cannot comment on whether Kenny Omega or the Young Bucks will return to television anytime soon as they are featured in the vignettes.

The Bucks and Omega have also been backstage at Dynamite for the past few weeks.

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