AEW star gets new theme music on Dynamite


It was announced earlier today that Ethan Page vs. Orange Cassidy would take place during tonight’s episode of AEW “Dynamite,” and fans were treated to a bout as the show began.

To start the episode, Cassidy made his entrance and debuted some new theme music to mark a fresh start for the AEW star, who recently returned from injury. The song was Jefferson Starship’s “Jane”, which you can listen to on this link, The cool tune fits in well with the reckless star’s gimmick, and it’s a tune he often uses on the indie circuit for his entourage.

AEW founder and CEO Tony Khan had previously attempted to secure a deal to acquire the rights to the song, but the band did not respond at the time. “I decided to take a big swing, and it came [with the Pixies],” Khan said.

“where is my Mind?” The Pixies, by American alt-rock band, has been Cassidy’s theme song since March 2021. This new song, “Jane”, was a featured song in the movie “Wet Hot American Summer”, along with the prequel and sequel Netflix shows. ,

It’s also worth noting that Cassidy’s best friends, Trent Beretta and Chuck Taylor, entered the ring with Cassidy before the match. He took off some tie-dye tracksuits into the ring, and although he was kicked out at ringside during the match, he returned to the conclusion to embrace a large group with the winning man, Cassidy. It was a rare appearance by Chucky T, who has not appeared in an AEW match since March 30, 2022, when he teamed up with Beretta to defeat Anthony Henry and JD Drake on AEW “Dark: Elevation”.

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