AEW Star Details Origin of Popular Catchphrase



AEW Star Anthony Bowens Details Origin of ‘Scissors Me Daddy Ace’

After becoming a resounding commercial success, the origin story of a popular (albeit provocative) AEW catch phrase is revealed.

It went from Forbidden Merchant to the best-selling tee in town, but what is the origin story of ‘Scissors Me Daddy Ace”s development of The Classic’s War Cry?

According to Anthony Bowens In an interview with TSCIt started with a simple scissor among friends, saying:

“There was a time, it was a dark taping way back in the era of the pandemic, where I hit my pose with an A, and the caster came after me and cut me with scissors and there was a camera shot of it where I’m like ‘What The bullshit? What did you do now?'”

However, Bowens reflected that at first AEW had asked him to cut it, but it was Max Castor who continued it with a “rebel” streak at Bowens, leading him to join in as well.

Bowens thought he was on to something, as he reflected on the crowd’s reaction from the start, saying:

“I don’t remember what match it was, but I remember laying on the floor and looking up and the whole first row their hands were on the barricades and they were shouting ‘Scissors me, Bowens!’ And I went ‘Huh, we’re kinda off to do something.'”

As for the dad in ‘Scissors Me Daddy Ace’, it came before one of the entrances to the Gun Club. Bowens described how the battle cry came together, saying:

“One particular live rampage, I was sitting in the gorilla and I was in my wheelchair at the time because I was injured and we were just minutes away from going out and this thought came to my mind as Austin Gunn told his father. Keep saying ‘daddy’.

“I was like, ‘It would be kinda funny if I said daddy do asshole live on television. I’ll just go out and say that.’ I said this and came back and the internet exploded and now it has turned into the number one selling T-shirt.”

And the rest is professional wrestling history!

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