AEW Star Blast Ranking System Says: ‘For the Love of God Tony, Give Us a Shot’



One AEW star says he knows he matches ‘classic’, because WWE stars like Randy Orton and Edge have told him as much!

FTR has not been very secretive about the fact that he thinks he deserves a shot at the AEW Tag Team Championship.

Now in a new interview with McManiaBoth professional wrestling and the AEW ranking system elaborate on their philosophies in the sport.

Talking about the ranking system, Dax Harwood said:

“I mean, if we were concerned about rankings, we would be tag team champions right now. We’ve been number one in AEW ever since [April],

“For the love of God, Tony, give us a shot. The thing is with him and the rankings and stuff and people saying we’re the greatest ever or the greatest right now or we’re the worst f*** ever ** g, which is all subjective, and that is cold.

“But the win for me is when Bret Hart texts me, or Randy Orton texts me, or Edge, or Arn Anderson, or any of these people who look up to text me and say, ‘ That was *****g classic.'”

Harwood discussed the exchange of messages with some WWE Vipers, most notably regarding a recent match against another WWE alum Claudio Castagnoli.

You can find out more about Dax’s comments on that by clicking here.

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