6 WWE Stars Leave Personal Issues Aside To Drop 7’4″, 400lbs Giant in Money in the Bank Main Event


Giants are not uncommon in the wrestling world. From the great André the Giant to The Big Show, we’ve seen plenty of hulks who have conquered the wrestling ring like no other. But the current WWE giant takes the cake for the top Money in the Bank spot.

Nigerian wrestler Omos has had an amazing WWE career so far. Introduced as a bodyguard for AJ Styles and then winning championships with him, the giant has come a long way from there. Not only is he lined up with MVP, he even has the best Money in the Bank spot in tonight’s PPV.

Fans React To 6 Superstars Bombing Omos Spot During Money In The Bank Main Event

With , Riddle, Madcap Moss, Sami Zayn, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre throwing themselves into the announce table, it looked like a Men’s Money in the Bank match.

Not only did the live audience freak out and start chanting Holy S**t at the time, but the audience on Twitter was also going crazy with their reactions being some of the best.

Taking down the big boss at the last moment, this fan recalled the fight in Avengers: Endgame with each superhero going up against the giant Thanos in a last-ditch effort to save the universe. Absolutely hilarious.

While he had matches with AJ Styles and Bobby Lashley, the Nigerian giant looked like he was made for this game. Not only was he included in the top spots, but he also gave us this spectacular moment.

As we all wait for the Raw after WrestleMania, this fan has us all ready to watch the upcoming Raw as well as the preparation for SummerSlam, which is just 28 days away.

With that legend and iconic stance, everyone got the sign that Seth Rollins gave his buddies in the shield.

The spot included so many superstars that it looked like Omos had been sent to the announce table. And just as this fan pointed out, in a whole different time zone.

Does anyone remember the coffin dance meme from a few months ago? This fan pointed out that the spot was like the meme that reminded him of the song.

Additionally, this fan pointed out when Omos was sent crashing into the announce table.

Of course, that has to be another meme, just like Angelo Dawkins’ face from before; where we see Omos being thrown into another universe.

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