6 Pcs Bird Perch Stand Set, Bird Cage Parrot Toys Natural Wood Branch Standing Stick Platform Playground for Small Medium Budgies Love Macaws Finches Cockatiel Parakeet Conure Cage Accessory, 3 Types



This bird perch stand set consists of six natural wood branches that serve as standing sticks, platforms and playground accessories for small to medium birds such as Budgies, Love Macaws, Finches, Cockatiels, Parakeets and Conures. Measuring in at three different sizes, the birds have varied options for comfortable perching and play. With this set, you can create an interactive cage environment for your birds, allowing them to exercise, explore and have fun. The natural wood branches not only provide a fun escape for birds, but also promote healthy nails and beaks for clipping and chewing. This bird cage parrot toy set is a great addition for bird owners looking to encourage healthy and active bird behavior.

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Material: Natural Wood
Types: 3 different types and sizes
Branch Perch Size: 7.9 x 5 Inch, Recommend to small Animals,
Wood Perch Size: 7.9 x 0.7Inch,Suitable for budgies, parakeets, conure love bird and other small bird
Smooth Bird Perch size:3.9 x 0.6inch

Designed to give your bird’s feet a break and become a haven for your pet to climb and play.
Every wood perch is with 2 high quality 304 stainless steel washers. Wear resistance and durable.
Made of nature prickly ash wood,they provides excellent foot exercise and nails trimmed naturally,safety to chew as well,Rough surfaces to give your bird a comfortable controlled grip that conditions and massages your bird’s feet.
Could be used to relieve pressure and boredom, and satisfy habit of climbing and biting for birds.
Makes a great aesthetic addition to your cage, it also helps your pet to excercise and maintain healthy feet. The surface of the bird parrot perch is rough, your bird ‘s paw can catch it firmly, safe to use, which make make your pet stand safely and securely.
No need extra equipment is required for installation, securely attaches to cage with a built-in bolt and wing nut, provide your pet with a safe and comfortable place to rest.
Satisfies your pets’ natural instincts to preen, stretch, or nap on a branch, bird perches for Cockatiel.
Perfect for all size birds, chinchilla, hamster and other small rodents. bird perches for parakeets. Warm Tips:Please choose the suitable size for your birds.

Package Contents:
6 x Bird Perch Stand

Material: Made of high quality natural wood ,safe for your pet,allows birds to play healthy. Sturdy and perfect resting platform for the bird to just sit, relax and sleep.Not only can be used as bird cage perch,but also can be used as bird cage corner perch, bird shower perch, training perch for birds, standing for inside bird cage.
Application:Suitable for small pet birds: suitable for budgies, parrots, conures, lovebirds, finches, cockatoos, macaws, parakeets, quaker parrot, cockatiel, umbrella cockatoo and other small birds.
Size:Comes with 3 different Types of bird perch, pepper wood branch perch, prickly ash wood perch and smooth wood perch.The branch perch is recommend to small Animals,length is 7.9 inch, width is 5 inch.The wood perch is suitable for budgies, parakeets, conure love bird and other small bird.Length is 7.9 inch, thickness is 0.7 inch.Smooth bird perch size is 3.9 x 0.6inch.
Easy Installation: Securely attaches to cage with a built-in bolt and wing nut.No additional tool needed for installing.Easily attaches to any cage with the screws,Screw and Spacer with 304 Stainless Steel, Never Rust.



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