$250 Side Hustle: Top 9 Jobs on Airtasker


The top jobs on Airtasker have been revealed. This is how much you can earn from these side business. (Source: Getty)

From helping someone move to assembling their Ikea furniture, Australians are willing to spend a lot of money doing things they don’t have time for themselves.

New data from Airtasker reveals the most in-demand jobs right now and how much you could get for them.

The platform has released a new service calculator that looks at the average real-time prices people pay for Airtasker services across a variety of skill categories, from landscaping to cleaning to putting up the Christmas tree.

β€œTop class clients book Tasker for movers, gardening, cleaning, crafts, garbage removal, furniture assembly, pickup and delivery, plumbers and copywriting,” said Tim Fung, co-founder and CEO of AirTasker β€œ

Fung said a severe shortage of skilled workers has driven up costs across the board, leaving many Australians unsure of what to pay for the services.

“While there are many variables with tasks – be they urgency, complexity and duration – we have taken this into account, providing both the low and high prices on the Airtasker Services calculator.”

It comes as a record number of Australians with two or more jobs hit 900,000 in the June quarter. This amounts to 6.5 percent of all working people.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, this is the highest percentage since it began collecting the data.

How much can YOU earn?

Here’s how much you can earn on Airtasker for the most in-demand jobs as a one-time job:

  1. Moving List – $80 to $200

  2. Horticulture – $70 to $190

  3. Cleaning – $100 to $250

  4. Handcraft – $100 to $250

  5. Garbage Disposal – $65 to $160

  6. Furniture assembly – $85 to $190

  7. Pick up and delivery – From $50 to $128

  8. Plumber – $110 to $225

  9. Copywriting – $40 to $100

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