12 Pcs Cat Colorful Springs Toys, Petnice Cat Creative Toys for Kittens, BPA Free Durable Heavy Plastic Interactive Toys to Kill Time and Keep Fit for Swatting, Biting, Hunting Kitten Toys

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If you are searching for the perfect set of toys to keep your feline friend entertained, then the 12 Pcs Cat Colorful Springs Toys are just what you need. These creative toys are made from BPA free, heavy plastic and are designed to withstand biting, swatting, and hunting without breaking. With their bright and bold colors, they are sure to capture your cat’s attention and keep them engaged for hours on end. Not only are they entertaining, but they also help to keep your cat fit and active – making them an excellent addition to any cat’s toy collection. So, if you want to keep your cat entertained and healthy, look no further than these durable interactive toys.

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Price: £3.99
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Material: BPA-free plastic
Color: Yellow, Green, Pink( some are Red) and Blue
Size: 5cm long, 0.22cm thick, Diameter 2.2cm

The package includes:
3 * Yellow Spring Cat Toys
3 * Green Spring Cat Toys
3 * Pink/Red Spring Cat Toys
3 * Blue Spring Cat Toys

Caution: Do not leave children or animals alone with this toy. Storing in high safe place out of reach of children and pets after playing.
【✿ 4 Bright Colors】– Cats like bright colors. Multicolor and bright colors add to the fun. The cat plastic springs are composed of 4 classic colors of yellow, green, pink( some are red) and blue, which attracts the cat’s attention!
【✿ Interactive Cat Toy】– The owner can throw this spring toy on the ground, and it will bounce up and catch the cat’s attention! It is a great way to build strong bonds with your pet these cat springs keep them active which is good for lasing mental and physical health.
【❤ Soft and Elastic】– This cat spring toy is soft and super elasticity! Lightweight and bounce. These bouncy toys will be hard for your cat to resist.
【❤ Promote Agility and Exercise】– These interactive cat toys for enrichment our kitty spiral springs jump around randomly to keep them chasing, swatting, and running around, which keep your cat’s amused.



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